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Free Classifieds Site: How to Sell using Classified Safely?

| Uncategorized | March 17, 2014

Lungidude.com – is an advanced online medium for Sellers and Marketers to Sell and Promote their products and Services relatively easy. The rapid progression and high-usage of internet, has paved way for advanced digital marketing, which Sellers and Promoters can take advantage of and promote their products and Services effectively with the help of Lungidude.com.

Just like the two sides of a coin, progressions of Internet not only lead to effective marketing, but also ‘online scamming’ and other unethical activities. Ofcourse, there are majority of good-natured individuals. But there are also not-so-good intended scammers lurking within the web, and it’s mandatory for Sellers and Promoters to be aware of how to be more cautious to Sell and Promote.

sellers guide

Seller’s Safety Guide:

  • Post Ad with catchy Title. Have a catchy title/caption to compel the readers to read the posting at least once. The reader might get interested after reading it once or he might share with someone who might be interested.

  • Use precise description and Images. Place the ads only in proper Categories. Describe your item in simple words briefly but accurately, so potential buyers can understand the features and advantages of the item. Include photos to give an idea of the appearance and condition of the item.

  • To Reach target Audience. In order to reach potential buyers, try designing the ads to meet their expectations; but offer only genuine information. Do not mislead.

  • Use Limited Personal Information. Do not provide any personal information in the posts. Provide only necessary information like email addresses, which doesn’t identify you personally. If you have to provide a contact number, offer only the mobile number and not your home phone number.

  • Respond. While responding to interested buyers, be straightforward and answer their questions. Try to determine if he/she is trustworthy enough to do business with.

  • Do not do business with non-locals. If the buyer is not local or can’t meet in person, do not proceed with their transaction.

  • Meet in Public Place. When you’re showing the item to the buyer to verify, conduct the meeting in the public place, during daytime. Avoid meeting anyone in a private or unfamiliar location. If there are many offers, schedule all the showings at one time. If the item is large, have a friend with you when the buyer arrives to view. Make sure to have easily concealable valuable items in a separate room, other than where you are showing the item.

  • Expect Negotiation. Even if your price is reasonable and market approved, expect the buyers to negotiate and be prepared for counter offers.

  • Request only cash. If possible, complete the transaction only with cash and if buyer offered a personal check or draft, suggest an alternative of providing your bank account, which is not your regular transaction account, for an online money transfer.

  • Keep your personal information protected. Always keep your personal information protected such as your bank accounts, home addresses, home phone number, etc.

  • Remove Sold Listings. If the item is sold, then make sure to remove the post, as other buyers might be irritated for misleading them.

  • Offer a Receipt if possible.

  • Walk Away. If you felt uncomfortable or the deal seemed suspicious at any point during the transaction, we recommend not proceeding and just walking away.

Free Online Classifieds sites are a great place for Sellers to Sell and Promote Used and New products and for Marketers to promote their services in any locality. But sadly it is also misused by scammers and Lungidude.com is taking all precautions to avoid misuse of our services and recommends sellers and buyers to follow above guidelines to trade safely. It is always wise to exercise caution.

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