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Free Classifieds Site: How to Buy using Classified Safely?

| Uncategorized | March 8, 2014

Lungidude.com – Free Classifieds site, is a one-site platform for Buyers and Sellers to Buy and Sell products, and for Marketers to promote their services. It presents the convenience of shopping and promoting products and services from the comfort of a home or an office. It also provides an easy mode of communication between them.

Most of the advertisements are safe to use, as they are posted only by honest individuals. But, since scammers are becoming more creative with their methods, it is necessary for consumers to be aware of how to be cautious to Buy a product.


Buyer’s Safety Guide:

  • Search. Use our Advanced Search Feature to find products and services that are related to what you are looking for and if provided use Map View to verify the location of the poster.
  • Verify the Ad. Once you have chosen the ads, which have precise description, images or videos and contact information, check poster’s sales history and avoid anyone if you’re not convinced.
  • Inquire. When you contact a seller by phone, email or message, express your interest and inquire about condition and/or history of the product or any other questions you may have.
  • Provide Limited Personal information. Only share necessary information to the seller when you contact for the first time (for example, do not provide your home phone or address and remove any personal information from your email signature). Once you’re convinced the seller is credible, with the answers to your questions, you may disclose more information such as your name and mobile number.
  • Request to speak by phone. If your initial communication was via message or email, talk to the seller through phone before meeting in person.
  • Meet in a Public Place. Agree to meet the seller at the public place, during daytime to check the item. Do not meet anyone in unfamiliar or private locations.
  • Take a companion. If it is a non-portable item, have a friend to accompany you while you visit the seller’s place to verify the item.
  • Research the item and market. Do not buy an item without verifying. Research about the item and its market value to avoid being over-priced. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the pricing if you’re not happy. But be reasonable with your negotiation.
  • Check the Documents. If possible, check the documents to understand the history of the item and also to make sure the product is not stolen. If it’s a vehicle, take it out for a test drive and have a mechanic verify the condition of the vehicle. If it’s a service you seek ask for references, before agreeing to any terms or payment.
  • Choose Cash. Always choose the cash option for individual sellers, do not provide any account details or personal cheques. Always keep it simple. If it’s larger merchandise take caution before providing any details, such as a personal cheque or your credit or debit details.
  • Take a Receipt if possible.
  • Walk Away. If you felt uncomfortable or the deal seemed suspicious at any point during the transaction, we recommend not proceeding and just walking away.
  • Haven’t Found your Product. Place a free ad in Lungidude.com in an appropriate category explaining your requirement. And subscribe to the rss feed of free classifieds site – Lungidude.com to receive alerts if there are any posts relating your requirement.

Online Free Classifieds sites are a great place to Buy Used and New products or in any local neighborhoods, but sadly it is also occasionally misused by scammers and Lungidude.com is taking all precautions to avoid misuse of our services and recommends buyers to follow above guidelines to trade safely. It is always wise to exercise caution.



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